by on 9 November 2016

San Paolo dental studio enriches its technical equipment with a ultimate laser technology machinery, which is ideal for the treatment of various diseases, dental and more.

The new DMT Masterlight can make different treatments such as dental care, treatment of soft tissues (mouth ulcers, sores, white and red lesions), tooth whitening and more, without resulting invasive and with no bleeding. Furthermore, thanks to the laser technology, in several cases there will be no need for anesthesia.
Studio dentistico San Paolo trattamento laser

How does it work?

Laser technology offers various application fields. The use in dentistry provides excellent results because it exploits the energy of a highly concentrated beam of light to treat soft tissues or to replace instruments that held purely mechanical action, such as drills and scalpels.


What treatments can be performed with laser?

With the laser technology it is possible to treat soft tissues with great effectiveness. Gingivitis and other periodontal pockets diseases are the cases where a laser treatment can give the best results. These diseases are the causes pyorrhea, a pathology that may lead to a progressive deterioration of the gingival tissue, up to causing the loss of teeth. In these cases the laser proves to be the treatment of choice, even in the early stages of gingivitis, where it uses the powerful bactericidal effect of its technology.

Among the oral problems most commonly treated with Masterlight there are also labial herpes, ulcers and sores, which benefit from the low invasiveness of laser and its healing effect, improving and accelerating the healing process.


Teeth whitening with laser

Another dental care which can be performed with the laser is tooth whitening. Thanks to Masterlight technology whitening is carried out with a more rapid and less aggressive process for the dental enamel. This will make it possible to remove teeth stains caused by food and drink, smoking, antibiotics and saline discoloration due to aging, without any pain or risk of side effects.

Studio dentistico San Paolo tecnologia laser

What are the benefits in dental surgery?

With Masterlight it is possible, in some cases, to cure the carious lesions without the typical hassles of the drill, such as vibration and bleeding, and eliminating the need for pre-operative anesthesia and post-operative hypersensitivity (hot and cold sensations).

For all dental surgery, also, the laser provides a less invasive process, as it allows not to use the scalpel. This ensures shorter recovery times and no pain, thanks to the healing effect of laser which eliminates the bleeding and, in some cases, makes superfluous the stitches.


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