by on 30 August 2019

The innovation for teeth whitening

BlancOne® is the innovative technology for tooth whitening that allows a professional result without being aggressive towards the enamel, ensuring the health of your teeth and your mouth.

BlancOne® uses special photosensitizers which, combined with the energy of the light used in the treatment, maximize the result of the whitening active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide. This significantly reduces the concentrations used compared to traditional bleaching and also the duration of treatment, which no longer requires the use of heat, metal reagents or substances with a very acid or basic pH.
Furthermore, unlike all other whitening treatments, BlancOne® treatments do not contain desensitizing agents.

The innovation of BlancOne® thus makes it possible to eliminate the side effects typical of traditional bleaching, improving a treatment which is so important for enhancing your smile.

Health and beauty for your teeth

The result is a natural and durable whitening, obtained with great comfort for the patient. At the end of the treatment, in fact, it will not be necessary to adopt a specific diet or to use remineralizing products, commonly used to avoid the problem of the dentinal sensitivity that can occur after the traditional bleaching.

BlancOne® is the safe, effective and long-lasting method to ensure a healthy and white smile.


The certainty of a leading company

BlancOne® is a result of the research of IDS, the Italian company that for 60 years has been engaged in R&D, working on new solutions for the care and health of your teeth. Today IDS is one of the leading companies in the dental field, delivering professional products not only in Italy but throughout Europe, America and Asia.

For more information visit the website www.blancone.eu.