by on 20 January 2016


What is Pagodil?

Pagodil is the innovative deferred payment system that allows you to pay your purchases a bit at a time, with no additional cost to the final price. Pagodil, unlike a loan, has no costs or interests.
Cofidis S.p.A., the European leader in remote credit, immediately covers the full amount of your spending, and you will be charged with small monthly fees on your bank account without any other charges.
All the simplicity of a single payment, and all the comfort of a deferred payment!



How it works

To pay by Pagodil you will need:
· You ATM card or a check, in order to find your bank details ;
· Your phone, where you’ll receive a code to communicate at Studio San Paolo for completing the transaction;
· Your Fiscal Code, or your “Carta dei Servizi”;
· A valid identity document (identity card, driving license or passport).

Pagodil requires no paycheck, bank statement or income certifications, and allows you to pay immediately the service without waiting for slow contractual or bureaucratic procedures.


For further information visit Pagodil website.