by on 16 December 2015

Teeth alingment

Everyone desires to have a perfect smile, but the alignment of teeth is also a very important medical aspect. In addition to an aesthetic advantage, which translates into a winning smile, teeth alignment ensures the restoration of proper chewing function and improves the general health of teeth.

That’s why we chose the best technology on the market for our orthodontics service. Invisalign® offers an innovative product, which in 10 years has revolutionized this sector.


How does Invisalign technology works

Invisaling® invisible devices ensure an optimal alignment of teeth without using annoying and unsightly braces. An Invisalign® therapy provides the use of a series of transparent aligners, customized products with extreme precision to take you to the desired result. Your smile will improve week after week.
This way you can forget to wear Invisalign, and get the smile you’ve always wanted in comfort, without changing your daily habits and with no risks of irritating your gums.



Choose the best technology, address the experts

To obtain the best results from the Invisalign® technology you are required a complete orthodontic diagnosis, with biomechanical study of the dental movements and a specific planning of the therapy stages.
Studio San Paolo is Invisalign® certified. Call us at 02 8646 5447 and make an appointment.
Our studio is at Galleria Sala dei Longobardi 2, close to the Duomo of Milan.


For further information, visit Invisalign website.