by on 27 July 2017

Inhalation Conscious Sedation Dentist Milan

A new way to experience dental care

The San Paolo Dental Practice is equipped to offer the Inhalation Conscious Sedation service, a solution which significantly improves the experience of dental care thanks to a well-established and risk-free technology. The Inhalation Conscious Sedation uses the anxiolytic, muscle relaxant and analgesic effects of oxygen and nitrous oxide. By inhaling a mixture of these two gases you will finally be able to deal with dental care free from stress and worries.


The benefits for the patient

Due to the effects of Inhalation Conscious Sedation, you will no longer experience the discomfort that particular dental interventions can provide to the most sensitive patients. Here are some examples.


Inhalation Conscious Sedation dentist Milan Centre 1Inhalation Conscious Sedation dentist Milan Centre 2


What kind of patients can benefit from this service?

The service is more appropriate for patients who feels dental treatment as an unpleasant experience, causing anxiety or discomfort. The technology used by the San Paolo Dental Practice is is free from any risk to the patient, so it is also indicated for children, high-risk individuals and elderly people. Call us on 02 8646 5447 and schedule an appointment to get more information on the benefits of this treatment. Visit our Studio in the center of Milan, where you will find you the high professionalism of our medical staff and the serenity of a stress-free experience, thanks to the Inhalation Conscious Sedation.